Alejandro Mondria
Born Mexico City in 1973
Lives and works in Zurich

“I work on Installations, photography, paintings, and works on paper.
I am interested in layers and stories, and transform the space to one that is personal and intimate.
My work consist of situations of locality, maps and traces of fleeting moments, situations and relations that vanish into the next. its a way of breathing, exhaling and inhaling until a special moment or situation, or person or vision holds in time, and takes that breath away, or goes deep inside. It is about reflections and perceptions that are not anymore because it is constantly changing into different patterns, tones and waves but together into one piece.”

Alejandro spent his childhood in Mexico and Switzerland, prior to graduating from the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design, USA. He then studied on a scholarship at the Instituto Piazza Cenci in Rome, Italy.
His work has been featured in galleries and museums in USA, South America, Europe, China and Africa. He has also been included in collective exhibits in museums throughout Mexico, as well as in a major solo exhibit at the highly respected Museo de Chopo in Mexico City in 2004.