Geneva 1989.
My work crosses performance art and literature: I’m looking for elements that make those two practices echo. Where does the text ask something in or of the performance? Where does physical presence need writing? Having this in mind, I’m also developing a work based on the notion of « decoration » or « furniture » (such as furniture performances and furniture writing). Going from the idea of « furniture music » invented by Erik Satie, and today’s ambient music, I’m trying to find an equivalent in performance and literature. I’ve thus performed long-duration oral readings, made radio pieces or videos. My written work also deals with the idea of the ornamental as a starting point to reflect upon language. My texts being quite visual, it is often necessary to rethink them when I’m brought to read them aloud ; and so they become basis for new performances.
Studied Performance art in HEAD-Geneva & Master in literary writing at HKB-Bern.