With works by Ernesto Bautista (SV) Stéphane Blumer (LDN) Aram Ruhi Ahangarani (Iran/ZH) Leila Amacker (GVA) David Zehnder (BE) Tristan Thévenoz (GVA) Paloma Ayala (MX) Huber.Huber (ZH) Lucas Herzig (ZH) Anne Brand Galvez (GT)

Curated by Anne Brand Galvez
Assistants curator, Simon Simonovic & Eric Gnep
Agency for Spiritual Guest Work in the Service of Visualizing

Friday 27 February
Kanzleistrasse 222
8004 Zurich
Entrance thru the garden (left side of Casa del Vino)

An emotional displacement of the transitional compulsions in the act of leaving and ultimately returning to the original starting point.

Like a condition, a status, a transience of an eternal transit in declaration, in a circle that implies returning to one’s starting point, the human subject. A journey through disorientation and confusion not only of geographies but of contexts in between the inner self. Looking for sense in dislocations and dissociations in face of the necessary absurdity of the human condition. An eternal transition that begins in concrete, from the human experience.

Looking for a “true essence”? Go to hell, you are a fucking tourist!