Born 1985, Geneva, CH, lives and works in London. He completed a BA at the Haute École d’Art et Design, HEAD in Geneva, CH and an MA (hons) in Fine Art at Goldsmiths College, University of London. He exhibited internationally in group shows: Galerie 6B, Paris, FR · Galerie B-312, Montreal, CA · Kunstraum Kreuzberg / Bethanien, Berlin, DE · Agua8, Lugano, CH. Recent solo shows include: Algazarra at Appleton Square gallery, Lisbon, PT, 2015 · Etcetera 等等 at Institute For Provocation, Beijing, China, 2014 · Epi(deixis) at BYCR gallery, Milan, IT, 2013. In 2014, Blumer undertook research residencies in Beijing, China supported by Pro Helvetia and in London at VITRINE Gallery. He is involved since 2014 as Co-Curator for Assembly Passage Project space, Whitechapel, London, UK.

My work addresses the zone of conflict between individuality and the global society we live in. Within specific cultural and historical contexts, my intention is to identify moments of discontinuity that reassess socio-political structures. My research focuses on the communicative function of language which puts at stake personal and cultural conventions. More specifically, I am interested in Language and its shortcomings such as self-censorship, humour, the unspoken.

Ranging from audio-visual to sculpture and installations, my works constantly juggle between maximal and minimal aesthetics, abstract and highly figurative. They are often combinations between what is easily thought and difficult to express and what is unthinkable yet effortlessly exposed. Arguing on apparent ubiquitous logics, my intention is to create polemics in order to develop new discussions on familiar however uncomfortable realities of contemporary societies. I aim to provide a better understanding of the hegemonic qualities within the relationships between cultural collectivities of a largely internationalised cultural realm and individual identity constructions.

This practice-based artistic research started to cross-fertilise with my research in anthropology within a PhD I started at the EHESS in Paris in 2015. I investigate the notions of agency and emancipation by carrying out fieldwork analysis within activist-art practices between Europe and China. The objective is to produce original theoretical material and practical tools to overturn the current commodification of contemporary art and general depolitisation tendency of both cultural producers and audiences. This research is part of the debates on the re-appropriation of the critical artistic strategies by the current dominant system of capital productivity within the (ab)use of counterculture aesthetics: its ideologies of creativity, flexibility, autonomy and anti-hierarchical claims.