A limpia (in spanish) is a tradition of gestures with symbolic elements that purge unwanted feelings, memories, or conditions in the human body.

Taking as reference cult figures of contemporary shamanism culture like María Sabina, Carlos Castañeda, Carlos Barrios, Maximón (San Simon) & Alejandro Jodorowski…
A series of conceptual symbolic gestures were designed in order to perform and experience a contemporary cleaning that deals with the
individual urgencies of the present and find a sense of a cathartic release.

Each performatic conceptual cleaning takes about 10 minutes per individual and is held inside NCCA’S Yurt @ Brache Guggach

The performatic individual session was about 10 minutes per individual and was held inside NCCA’S Yurt @ Brache Guggach

Urgent present is a project by the Agency for the 5th Edition of the Nomadic Center of Contemporary Art by Anne Brand Galvez
Assisted by Erich Biehle & Talhat Nurqas
Commissioned by Expotranskulture 2015 “Zürich Zusammen in die Zukunft“ @ Brache Guggach

Tram 11 or Bus 32, Haltestelle Radiostudio
Saturday 26.09 14:00 to 21:00
Sunday 27.09 14:00 to 20:00